Traffic accidents

Reconstructions of traffic accidents and injury biomechanics

The evidences of an accident must be studied and analyzed thoroughly. One should not be satisfied with the conclusions made in a police report when there are inconsistencies in physics, biomechanics or the statement of witnesses who are not included, these reports are not always the best option to ensure the defense and claim of the victim.

At COCA ADVOCATS we count on the cooperation of the best engineers in accident reconstructions, biomechanical and biokinematics with which to achieve the necessary evidences to prove the truth in all sinister and to guarantee our success in judicial or extrajudicial claims.

The evidence from an accident has to be studied and thoroughly analysed. Accepting the conclusions reached in a police record or official report when there are inconsistencies with the laws of physics, biomechanics or the declaration of other witnesses that are not outlined in these reports, is not always a valid option for guaranteeing the best defence and claiming for the rights of an injured party.

At COCA ADVOCATS we have the collaboration of the best engineers for accident reconstruction , biomechanics and biokinematics in order to attain the necessary evidence to accredit the search for truth in any accident and to guarantee the success of the judicial or non-judicial claim.

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