Traffic accidents

At COCA ADVOCATS we offer comprehensive advice to the victims of traffic accidents on all aspects surrounding an accident with injuries, from the legal, medical and human perspective.

The first objective that any victim of an accident should aim to achieve is the rehabilitation of their health. Correct management of appropriate medical treatment forms a fundamental part of the services of our firm. Through external medical assessment, we take care of evaluating the development of injuries and correct treatment, as we believe that without correct medical care it is not possible to achieve the main objective: physical and psychological reparation of the damage.

COCA ADVOCATS provides the victims and injured parties of traffic accidents, with a team of professionals who specialise in legal and extrajudicial claims for damage and injury resulting from the use of motor vehicles both nationally and internationally. If the injured person is severely impaired, we travel to the hospital or to their address anywhere in the country, and if the address is abroad, we have an extensive network of collaborating firms who will provide advice in accordance with the legislation of the corresponding country.

We provide comprehensive advice to our clients for all types of claims, from studying compensation for injuries and damage to making claims to insurance companies and undertaking legal proceedings if necessary.

Also, for these types of matters it is essential to have collaboration with professionals of renowned prestige (engineers, architects, actuaries, medical experts) in order to justify the most technical aspects of our claims with expert reports issued by them, and at COCA ADVOCATS we have the collaboration of a team of specialists of the highest level who will study each case that requires it in order to obtain the maximum guarantees for success.

At COCA ADVOCATS we always fight to the end to obtain the best result for victims.

If you have suffered a traffic accident, whether as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or traveller on public or private transport, do not hesitate to contact us, without any obligation. The first visit is free and if we believe that the claim is viable you will not have to pay any amount, instead, you will be charged when you are paid, and always an amount proportional to the compensation obtained.

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