Why is it so important to have a expert traffic accident attorney when you have been in a car accident?

As every year, the Directorate General of Traffic has made public the data on accidents on interurban roads for the year 2020. Although these are provisional data, (the final data will be known in a few weeks) are revealing:

The 870 people who died in traffic accidents last year represent the lowest death toll in history and the first time that the number of deaths on intercity roads is less than 1,000, a fact that of course has to be placed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations on mobility imposed to stop its spread, which have reduced travel by 25% and therefore the road accident rate.

At Coca Advocats, we want to remind you why it is so important to have a expert traffic accident attorney when you have been in a car accident.

Why is it so important to have a expert traffic accident attorney when you have been in a car accident?

In a car, motorcycle, bicycle, electric scooter or even as a pedestrian, suffering an accident is an unfortunate and fortuitous event, for which absolutely no one is prepared. Whoever has suffered an accident knows the costs that arise from it, from the obligation to attend a medical examination, from many changes that occur after it, regardless of whether it was only material damage or also physical injury.

The right to be compensated is there, but often the legal assistance services offered by the insurance companies are not as efficient, specialized and motivated as they should be, and most of the times they are not even lawyers, so the processes are lengthened, the desired results are not obtained, while the costs and difficulties continue to increase for the person affected.

This is where it is crucial to have traffic accident lawyers, specialized in the matter, both in substance and in procedure, and strictly dedicated to watching over the interests of the victim, without conflicts of interest that could affect them with insurance companies and, above all, that their income depends directly on the injured party.

The reasons to go to expert accident claim attorneys

Comprehensive advice to traffic accident victims is essential in all aspects surrounding an accident with injuries, from a legal, medical and human point of view.

  • Faster solutions: when you go to a lawyer with a full knowledge of the road accident claims or compensation industry, the very mastery of the industry means that you have faster and safer solutions to all problems. But also the fact of being exclusively dedicated to look after the interests of the injured party -which is not always the case with the lawyer provided by the insurance company whose client is the insurance company, not the injured party- influences the fact that problems can be solved faster.
  • Total support: the expert lawyers in claims allow to delegate all the work of management and representation of the client before the necessary instances, so that the person will only take care of his physical recovery -in case of having suffered injury- or to improve his economic condition if he has lost part of the money in car repairs or in expenses derived from the accident.
  • What really counts: do insurance companies offer what a person really owes in compensation after an accident? Determining all the damages that an accident victim can suffer implies a personal and even intimate knowledge of each injured party. Often, not even the injured party himself is aware of all the damages (personal, labor, material, patrimonial, present and future...) that the accident has caused or may cause him, and only a professional who is struggling every day in the recognition of these rights in the exclusive interest of the victim is capable of projecting control of all this without forgetting concepts or damages to be claimed and how to present them so that they are accepted by the company or, ultimately, the court.

Hiring a specialized and independent lawyer will assure the injured parties that the integrity of the damages suffered will be claimed and that they will be charged exactly what they are entitled to by law, without forgetting or underestimating them.

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