Mediation and arbitration

Mediation is ideal in order to resolve any conflict peacefully and not have to enter a legal battle, however in some agreements it is necessary to have legal recognition of the agreements reached in order for them to come into force for all relevant purposes.

Our lawyers, accredited Mediators, work to resolve a conflict, saving time, reducing the financial cost and minimising the consequences normally entailed by bringing a lawsuit before the courts over an extended period of time. This process is not only taken into account in family processes such as divorces or conflicts resulting from inheritance, it is also used in those that arise in neighbourly relations or in the sphere of trading companies, when, as is the case with most companies in Spain, they are family businesses.

Mediation is a procedure that is voluntary –both for the parties and the mediator- and confidential- the information that the parties find out through a mediation process cannot be used for other purposes- that is aimed at facilitating communication between the parties so that they, by themselves, can find a solution for the points of disagreement that affect them and that have led them to begin a mediation process.

With the help of a professional, the mediator, acting in an impartial and neutral way, will accompany them during the mediation process helping them to communicate with one another and manage the conflict that brought them to the mediation.

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