Accidents on public thoroughfare

At COCA ADVOCATS we are specialists in claims for accidents on public thoroughfare and/or in commercial establishments.

When the public thoroughfare or commercial establishments open to the public do not fulfil the maintenance standards or minimum construction standards in order to comply with the use for which they are intended, accidents take place whose liability can be demanded from the owner of those spaces.

Do not hesitate to contact us about the viability of your claim.

At COCA ADVOCATS we provide all of our knowledge, effort and extensive experience in order tomake the Administration accountable for all the damage it has caused deriving from its responsibility. We have the best group of specialists in each field: specialist doctors, evaluation of personal and biomechanical injury, social workers, industrial engineers for accident reconstruction, building surveyors and architects, experts specialising in material damage and fires, economists, actuaries, psychologists etc. who work in collaboration with our firm in order to help, in the most successful way, the seriousness of the situation suffered, and every area of science that is needed to investigate and accredit all the harm caused to these people is guaranteed.

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